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About Us

At Church’s Texas Chicken™, we deliver authentic traditions, bold tastes and straightforward, consistent food you can trust. After all, we’re more than chicken. We’re the rugged territory forged by sun and terrain. The crisp, satisfying bite of a meal earned through hard work. The feeling of community that comes through shared moments and simple pleasures.

We’re the taste of Churchs and we can’t be mimicked. We’re real but not boring. Simple but not basic. Familiar but always surprising. That’s why no matter the day, no matter who you’re with, you’re eager to c’mon over, give your chicken a spicy jalapeño squeeze, and share some hearty sides. It’s why our taste always delivers, time and again. Why our food means more than hand-crafted meals that harken back to simpler times. It means wide-open spaces, brought to you by people who value tradition and value what’s real, fresh and full of flavor.

Our tradition is Churchs. And it’s yours for the enjoying. Every day, with every craveable bite.

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