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InfoLink Services Limited

InfoLink Services Limited

About Us


Historical Overview

InfoLink Services Limited (ISL) was incorporated on the September 13, 1994. As a joint venture between the four major financial institutions in Trinidad & Tobago, ISL was created initially to provide a local debit card switching infrastructure with the vision for providing further co-operative financial service initiatives in the future.

The visionaries of ISL knew that “a shared financial infrastructure would not lessen or eliminate competition. Rather, it would create and make possible in the future many new avenues for the provision of new services, improved customer service and reduced transaction processing costs.” ISL, under the LINX® brand, switched its first transaction on September 4, 1995. We started with ATM-sharing transactions and, by November 1996, ISL was switching Debit Point-of-Sale (POS) transactions also.

Historic Milestones

● 1999: Preparations for the Year 2000.

● 2004: Trans Union Trinidad (local credit bureau) established.

● 2005: Trinidad & Tobago Interbank Payments System (local ACH) established.

● 2006: Warm Disaster Recovery Site commissioned.

● 2007: IT governance plan introduced and mapped to ensure international compliance.

● 2007: Eastern Credit Union welcomed as the first licensee holder on the LINX® network.

● 2008: ISL identified in the FIA2008, under the purview of Central Bank of Trinidad & Tobago.

● 2010: Bank of Baroda joined the LINX® network.

● 2012 – 2021: JMMB Bank joined the LINX® network.

● 2018: CIBC First Caribbean joined the ATM LINX® network.

Today, ISL switches over 39 million transactions per year, under the LINX® brand.