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About Us

About us

Imagine a hub where you can see a list of all GSS job vacancies in one central space, get access to psychometric assessment tools, attend webinars and fireside chats surrounding industry topics, access career resources and connect with potential employers and other stakeholders in the GSS. This is now a reality - welcome to the page for the GSS Talent Hub!

The GSS Talent Hub aims to:

-Be the main connector between existing and aspiring workers and industry operators/investors.

-Enable industry workers’ transitions and raise awareness among prospective and active employees about the Global Services Sector and opportunities within.

-Facilitate the capture of skills of prospective and active employees and vacancies from employers.

-Provide a medium through which the skills gaps for the GSS are diagnosed and communicated.

-Provide a dynamic platform with innovative engagements such as fireside chats, webinars, videos, etc.